Bees need our help. Their numbers are in decline due to disease, pesticide use and loss of habitat. At the National Beekeeping Centre Wales in Conwy, we firmly believe it is possible to reverse this trend and make the world a better place for honey bees. Find out how you can help the bees too by becoming more bee-friendly in your home and garden, how to become a beekeeper or how you can help us to help the bees.


Conwy has a long history of beekeeping thought to date back perhaps 1,000 years, and bee boles can be found in walls throughout the Conwy Valley. The holding of the annual Conwy Honey Fair is in Conwy Town’s Royal Charter and was granted by Edward I in the 13th century when reports say that he himself bought a cask of honey at the fair.

By helping develop a vigorous, healthy and environmentally responsible beekeeping industry we hope not only to continue the tradition, but also to secure a good future for bees in Wales. We promote good practice, accurate and accessible public information as well as community action.

Visitor Centre

Our interactive and informative visitor centre and apiary are situated within the Bodnant Welsh Food Centre in the heart of the Conwy valley in beautiful North Wales, an area rich with beekeeping heritage.

  1. Meet the Bees

Here you can visit demonstration hives in our apiary to see bees and beekeepers at work weather permitting (April - September), watch hives and bees via our webcam, learn more about bees and beekeeping, buy honey, hive products and bee-related items from our shop; book courses and events.

We are really pleased to announce that we have stocked Seedballs in our popular Visitor Centre for a number of years and they have just won their second award, the "Garden Retail Awards Best New Gardening Product (growing)". We are thrilled to be associated with this product which is endorsed by the RHS "Perfect for Pollinators". Remember, pollinator and bee friendly plants don't just attract honey bees. There are over 250 types of bees in the UK. Many Congratulations to Seedballs!!!

Do your bees have sufficient stores to survive winter? Was your colony weakened last year? It is not too late to feed fondant.
The very mild autumn has meant that the bees have been much more active than might otherwise have been the case. This has resulted in them using more of their stores - partly offset by the longer foraging period. Also, it means that the queen may well have been laying with the result that there have been more bees to feed. Again, offset to some extent by the fact that the bees were still bringing in pollen.

Colonies may now have little left in the way of stores. Beekeepers were alerted to this fact in late autumn. Hefting the hive should give some indication but feeding with fondant is highly recommended. Liquid feed really shouldn't be given 'till March at the earliest.

That is where Apifonda can help. If you are concerned about the stores in any of your hives, particularly in the weaker colonies, feeding them now will help those colonies.

If you feed fondant remember the importance of removing the queen excluder! Bees will not come through the queen excluder when they are in a cluster around their queen. If the excluder is left in place, a colony may starve even though there is fondant available.

The National Beekeeping Centre Wales stocks Apifonda. Boxes of 5 Apifonda 2.5 kg packs are available at the Visitor Centre for £24.00 or individual 2.5kg packs for £5.00 with an exclusive 10% discount for members of Conwy Beekeepers and NBCW Members and our Volunteers. Visit the Centre or pre-order by telephone or email and then collect and pay at the Centre.

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